Goals and Priority Benchmarks

Special Needs, Supports and Services 

Scottsbluff schools and community are challenged to keep up with the increasing amount and severity of challenges Scottsbluff youth continue to face. Support plans for students with special needs continue to help many succeed within the general education curriculum and enjoy activities and opportunities that all children should be encouraged to access.


# of Scottsbluff students on a health plan

# of Scottsbluff students taking Daily Routine Medications

# of K-12 Individualized Education Plans in Scottsbluff Schools

# of K-12 504 Plans in Scottsbluff Schools (non-SPED accommodation plans)

Academic Excellence

Scottsbluff students’ graduation rate continues to shine with over 90% of the class of 2018 graduating on time. With several members of the 2019 class still in process, it appears that this trend will continue with an estimated 91% rate still to be confirmed. The new Laude Honors System began in 2018 and encourages
students to take challenging coursework that supports their goals and interests without prioritizing weighted grades and competitive rankings. Increasing numbers of students are choosing dual credit off erings instead of AP classes. On average, fifty students graduate with honors (3.75 and above) yearly. ACT scores are now being included in this annual report with all juniors in the State required to take the test. Graduation rates are based upon the Nebraska Department of Education State of the Schools Report released in the fall for the prior graduating year.


% Scottsbluff Students who graduate high school on time

SHS Median Grade Point Average

Average Composite ACT Score

% of Seniors graduating from SHS with college credit

# of Advanced Placement courses taken

# of students graduating Summa Cum Laude

# of students graduating Magna Cum Laude

# of students graduating Cum Laude

Wide Ranging Recreation and Enrichment Activities

A wide variety of activities are offered by the schools and by many public and private entities throughout Scottsbluff .  The number of programs and participants continues to increase though aging and inadequate gym, pool and field space
continues to be a limiting factor for some.


% of students who participate in one or more school-sponsored activity

# of students participating in school-sponsored after school programs

Early Childhood Care and Education

Scottsbluff continues to attract young families as census numbers reflect a large number of children aged birth to three as well as four and five-year-olds attending preschool. Preparation for kindergarten is a tremendous predictor of future success and this community continues to grow its early childhood services. With its model Sixpence Program, initiated by former Senator John Harms, Scottsbluff provides a model for other communities seeking similar services for qualifying parents. Additionally, an expanding partnership with ESU-13 and Head Start will expand the number of public school preschool classrooms throughout the community.


% of Kindergarteners that attend Preschool

# of Birth to Three Referrals to SBPS for Specialized Early Education Services

# of students grades K-3 were at or above 50th percentile on the NWEA Maps assessment in Math

# of students grades K-3 were at or above 50th percentile on the NWEA Maps assessment in Reading

Safety in the Home, School and Community

Safety and security continues to be the most important priority at Scottsbluff Schools. Valued partnerships with Scottsbluff Police, the Communications (911) Center, Scottsbluff County Sheriff’s Office, Nebraska State Patrol, Region 22 Emergency Management and the Nebraska Department of Education’s Safety and Security Office are all sustained and strengthened each year. Additional security staff and extended responsibilities are in place for the coming school year as
well as significant preemptive strategies supporting mental health and positive decision-making. Two additional Licensed Mental Health Professionals (LMHP’s) have been added to the District’s services beginning in 2018-19. These staff members will focus on threat and suicide reports and follow up. Cases of abuse, suicide and violence continue to present increasing concerns for our community as the data reflect.


# of suspensions and expulsions in Scottsbluff Schools

# student responses to safety perceptions in school surveys

# Arrests and citations from Scottsbluff Police                                 

% drug usage from Risk and Protective Factor Student Survey

# Police reports and Health and Human Services abuse and neglect reports

# of threat assessments conducted by Scottsbluff Schools

# of suicide risk assessments conducted by Scottsbluff Schools










Creating a Skilled and Technical Workforce

Scottsbluff Schools increasing partnership with WNCC and community employers is attracting more and more students to pursue post-graduate opportunities. As highlighted by the U.S. Department of Labor’s recognition of SHS’ Youth Apprenticeship partnership with Aulick Industries, students’ preparation for the workforce and extended certifications and training is on the rise. College attendance is supported by all-day shuttles that travel between the high school and college campuses.


# of students successfully completing an internship and demonstrating work based competencies through assessment.

# of Career Certifications earned at SHS

# of students attending classes on WNCC's campus