What does it mean to pledge to support Every Child, Every Day, Everywhere?


  1. Understand.  Be aware of issues impacting youth in Scottsbluff.  Learn about the EEE initiative goals and Scottsbluff Schools core values.

  2. Lead by example.  Display common community wide language about behavior expectations at your business or organization.  Model in the community what it means to Be Safe, Be Responsible, Be Respectful.

  3. Help us measure.  Assist in the collection of baseline and ongoing community data that will aid in achieving EEE priority benchmarks.

  4. Promote.  Help spread the word about EEE throughout the community.  Invite individuals to get involved.

Now that you have taken the pledge, what's next? 

If you have taken the Pledge to endorse the work we are doing with Every Child, Every Day, Everywhere the next steps are:


  • Start Displaying your support of the 3B's at your organization or place of business

  • Come to a Meeting and help us further this work

  • If you can, help provide financial support