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The 3 B's

Be Safe

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

“The 3 B’s stands for "Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible”.   This simple phrase is at the core of our work. It describes our expectations of how all children should be treated and also about how all children should conduct themselves.  You may already be seeing evidence of how the Scottsbluff community is embracing this work. More and more businesses, agencies, government offices, gathering places and schools are hanging 3B plaques and displaying window decals that pridefully  proclaim their endorsement of the 3E effort.  It is 3E’s goal that ultimately almost every Scottsbluff business and home will identify for our children and for ourselves what it means to be safe, respectful and responsible, and that we will appropriately celebrate the myriad of ways that these behaviors have impacted the lives of our kids as they grow.




Take the pledge declaring your support of 3E Scottsbluff and your willingness to post in your business or organization what being safe, respectful and responsible means to you.


Hang your 3B's Plaque

Display your plaque and your 3E Decal in a prominent area serving as a reminder to all that enter your place of business that you support being Safe, Respectful and Responsible


Display your support of the 3B's in your business or organization

Attend a meeting, join one of our committees or volunteer at an event promoting 3E!

After completing your pledge, you will receive a plaque proclaiming your support of being Safe, Respectful and Responsible as well as a 3E window decal which can be publicly displayed as well.